Monday, October 10, 2005

Work time hijacked

In the last article I wrote about Sam, I showed her happily playing with our desktop PC. Now here she is hijacking my laptop (and essentially my work time) to play around with the desktop environment. And guess what, the desktop's GNOME. ;) Young F/OSS user. What I was working on when Sam took over is my team's schedule for the week. 'Gues, it has to be done later...

kubuntu 101 from scratch

A member of PInoyITDotSG group has created a new blog using Blogger. The intention of this blog is to guide users from the utmost basic concepts of GNU/Linux. And his chosen distro: kubuntu. As the writer has said:
"Most of the users coming here would be people migrating from Windows and they may have absolutely no knowledge on Linux."

It is rare that you'll see a site about Linux which is outright simplistic. The target audience: users with Zero experience in Linux and Unix-like OSes. Bottomline is, there's one more soul in the vastness of cyberspace trying to evangelize the beauty of F/OSS. I'll be visiting this site once in a while to see how things are going and perhaps provide some insights.

You can find the tutorial @ kubuntu 101. As of this time, the site is still in its infancy.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Oracle eats up Innobase

In a recent announcement by Oracle, they're increasing their clout (aka support) for Open Source Software by acquiring an open source db company: Innobase. For everyone's info, Innobase are the creators and maintainers of InnoDB, one of the engines behind MySQL. As mentioned in the announcement:
InnoDB is not a standalone database product: it is distributed as a part of the MySQL database. InnoDB's contractual relationship with MySQL comes up for renewal next year. Oracle fully expects to negotiate an extension of that relationship.

Which means, Oracle wants MySQL to use InnoDB? Is Oracle trying to use MS tactics? Embrace, Extend and Extinguish. My feeding more into MySQL as InnoDB's owner, and at certain point, introduce a choke point, then that's it. MySQL is dead. We are now left with what? PosgreSQL as the next biggest-brother of F/OSS RDBMS. What cookin' at Oracle Larry?

As Oracle acquired several key domain vendors in the past, the acquisition of InnoDB just give me the cold blank stare on what could happen next. The company I am working for currently is facing a sleeping-with-the-enemy scenario where two of its competitors now well within Oracle. So as I have and still advocating in our company, be free, use free software.. and stay away from a lock-in.

NetBeans 5.0 Beta preview

NetBeans 5.0 is out! It has many goodies that developers normally found in a more preferrable Eclipse. What I am excited to try out are Matisse and its many out-of-the-box integration with SJAS, Tomcat, and even JBoss. Oh wait, the Java editor is vastly improved. If NB5.0 provides the same intuitive refactoring as Eclipse does, then I'd probably switch side. If and only if NB itself is not bloated. Or, if bloated, at least if it performs better then I might as well take it. OK, after this post, I'll be downloading the beta @

With the recent bloat that Eclipse has become, will this be the Eclipse killer?